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Not Just A Portrait

It still gives me a buzz after all these years when I get to paint someone’s much loved pet especially if they are wanting something really unique.

To me a pet portrait celebrates the past or present life of a small soul who bought a huge amount of joy and comfort to its owner. Our pets are so important to us and often are the reason we get up and keep going. They are tiny personalities that live harmoniously alongside us and it’s the personality that I try to capture in my paintings.

My pet portraits are about celebrating personalities and the fun times we share with our pets and have been described as perfect for those who don’t even like pet portraits due to the imaginative approaches. They can be themed or decorated, include favourite toys and treats or just be beautiful studies, which ever the choice  I always try to capture the likeness and character in my work.

However it’s not only dogs and cats that I get asked to paint. So far I have painted newts and rabbits on motorcycles, chickens, hamsters, horses, bears, sheep and goats and even people, to see a selection visit my commissions gallery here, I can’t wait to see what my next project will be!

As I work directly from photographs commissioning a painting is an easy straightforward process usually taking two to three weeks, I like to have good clear reference photos sometimes more than one picture helps and communication throughout. Once the details have been established and the 50% deposit has been paid I send a photo of the mockup (this is the time to make any changes if needed) when all is well I will send another photo of the completed artwork. The final payment is made and I usually post the finished artwork unless the client wants to pay a visit to beautiful Ironbridge and pick it up in person from my studio.

My paintings are directed by your imaginations so whether you want a detailed likeness or a more expressive painterly themed artwork for your home if you like my style and are interested in commissioning a painting now would be a great time to get in touch because I’ve just opened my orders diary and updated my website where I’m offering 20% off all my paintings including commissions so don’t delay!

For more details like sizes and prices checkout my website here.



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