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New Venture

As we get into the full swing of summer I'm happy to say life has returned to a peaceful pace, Mr O has made an extraordinary recovery and is back at work doing what he does best and

I have been broadening my horizons and enjoying the freedom of sculpture!

Here is a video of a flower stag called "In League With Nature" which is currently being exhibited at the wonderful Wey Gallery in Godalming.

My sculptures have the appearance and texture of clay. Marks and dents are added to give them a slightly rough/worn appearance, I also use resin, gloss varnish and metal leaf and glitter to add support plus a bit of sparkle. There's no firing involved and many different processes and as each one needs to dry it means it can take up to three weeks for a finished piece, luckily we have the fabulous weather on our side at the moment!

To ensure the artwork will endure plaster is added in with the paper mixture which makes each piece robust and strong this method of using paper clay is called 'Carton Pierre', various different versions of this recipe have been used for centuries in the making of statues and architectural ornaments proving that this form of decor is made to last!

Each sculpture is sealed with french polish and has a keyhole cut into the back so it can be neatly slotted over a screw in the wall giving it a secure fixing. As part of the making process is using the traditional news paper and glue method I have given each creation a unique name cut from a newspaper or magazine and adhered to the back. Just as I do with my paintings I initial the front surface and sign and date the back.

Here is one of my latest creations to date, I do hope you like him as much as I enjoyed making him! To see more of him click on the image below.

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