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My pet portraits are more than just a portrait, they are bespoke celebrations of our pet's personalities and character click here to see a small selection in my commissions gallery.

Commission A Portrait

I work directly from your favourite photographs and can adjust or add details to customise the painting to your liking.

Prices and sizes per pet:

8"x8" -£250
9”x12” - £320

12”x16” -£375
16” x 20” - £600
18”x24” - £900
36” x 24” - £1800

Other sizes available on request.

Additional Pets £30-£200 each depending on the size. 

Themed portraits can range from £30- 250 depending on the size and amount of detail.

Contact me here for more details and availability.

Please note all artworks undertaken including commissions are the copyright property of Victoria Coleman and maybe subject to reproduction

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