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My first proper Blog!

Hello and thank you for joining me for my first proper Blog- I kind of did one before on Wordpress but Im not sure what happened to it (I'm teaching myself and it turns out I'm not a very good teacher or student!) so I'm starting afresh with this one and hopefully this will be the beginging of something engaging and interesting or just a bit of fun!

I'm not sure if you will be aware but I make art in 3D and 2D, my 3D art is in textiles, I like to make faux taxidermy animal heads and doorstops and nice things for the house under the name of Knitwangling Productions and my 2D art is in my name Victoria Coleman so thats me.

That's not me that's my painting of a cat which is currently for sale at Artfinder and Etsy if you're interested!

I like to paint with water based paints including emulsion and water mixable oil paint which find work well together and can go through an air brush also they are easier to get out of the carpet!

That's me, sorry I hate having my photo taken, I never quite look on paper how I think I look in my head!

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