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I was lucky enought to recieve some alliums from my lovely neighbour a few weeks ago she had grown them in her garden and explained that they are self seeders and she shared them with me so I could grow some too. I think they are such beautiful unusual flowers and I can't wait to have them popping up in my garden. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for a long time!

This painting is celebrating those alliums and you can't have a celebration without something to drink and nibble! Also I ljust love the shadow they cast on the table!

The Gift has been painted on a stretched 18 x 24 inch canvas using mixed media and acrylic paint. It is sealed with wax and unframed and ready to hang. The edges are painted green.

This is a happy painting designed to add a pop of colour and brightness to your walls.

The postage is included.

The Gift

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