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This year I am really loving getting involved with our garden it is an ongoing project involving a lot of levelling and digging but flowers are begining to bloom and I am winning the battle of the weeds. When I'm out there lost in a world of peace and action the last thing I want is for it to rain and ruin my plans...which is exactly what seems to happen quite a lot these days! So please enjoy my acknowledgement to our British weather and toast the beautiful view out on to the garden while sipping a glass of something lovely.

Rain Stops Play has been painted on a 18 x 24 inch stretched canvas using acrylics and mixed media, it is unframed and ready to hang.

I want this painting to set the scene and give a feeling of relaxation and good fortune, it tells a story of a moment in time when things are put on hold and we are forced to step back and just appreciate being alive.

Postage is included.

Rain Stops Play

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