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Life gets hard sometimes and what with one thing and another I can find myself frustrated and burnt out so when I see photos of people smiling or looking a bit smug I find myself wishing I was's crazy I know...I'm an artist living in the countryside with three beautiful dogs...I'm living the proverbial dream so what on earth have I got to get down about?? So I figure if I paint happy people then some of it will rub off on to me!

This is the first of my people series it is called Contentment and has been painted on a 18 x 24 inch stretched canvas using acrylic paints, collage and pastels. It has been sealed, varnished with satin varnish and the edges are painted black, it is not framed but will arrived with picture furnishings so can be hung without a frame.

The thing I love about painting people is that I begin to build up a story in my head about the sitter, I won't share my story for this peice because I want the viewer to make up their own needless to say two muffins, a cup of something lovely, a dachshund sitting beside her and an intersting artwork on the wall of course she is looking smug...isnt that everyone's idea of contentment?

The postage is included


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