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I have a it a still life painting if there is a dog in it?

Anyhoo this piece began as a still life and I thought it was finished but then something niggled me so I had a play and I gave it a new dimension.

It is a mixed media painting on a stretched 18 x 24 inch canvas, I've predominantly used acrylic paints but also pencil, ink, crayon and oil pastels have added to give it texture and depth. The edges have been painted an eye catching green, it is varnished and ready to hang.

This style of painting reminds me of 'Through The Keyhole' it sets a scene and you can visualize the person living in this imaginary world. It makes me feel cosy and satisfied the way you do after a good meal and the thoughts of an afternoon stroll are ruminating.


Postage is FREE in the UK but for international deliveries please click here and email me directly for costs.

Coffee and Clemetines with Clarence

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