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As with my painting commissions I work from photographs to get a likeness so if you fancy a sculpture of your pet or any animal drop me an email and send me photos from every angle....the more the better!

My sculptures are made from handcrafted paper clay and take at least two weeks to dry depending on the size.

Talking of sizes they come in three different sizes all with a backboard so they can be hung on the wall:

Basic Sculpture

Small (approx 7"-9") - £200

Medium (approx 9"-12") - £400

Large (approx 12"-18") - £1200

Extras- £40 each

Free UK postage

For a bit of fun many of my characters have a little extra such as a hat, crown or deeley boppers they also smoke pipes, wear bow ties or collars (checkout the commissions gallery for examples) so when ordering your bespoke artwork maybe add a small something to make you smile!

What makes my sculptures really special is the finishing touches, you can choose the colour of the backboard to match your decor as well as have a name tag in honour of your furry friend.

If you're interested in ordering a sculpture drop me an email today and together we can create a bespoke artwork uniquely designed with you in mind!

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