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I didn't think I'm a labels kind of person but I do like Smeg products however our kettle is leaking and when I looked at replacing it I was reminded how expensive Smeg products are! I could literally buy three new decent kettles for the price of one Smeg...that is how expensive they are... but to my surprise I desire a Smeg kettle and that is how brand led I am!

So this prompted me to paint What's In A Name, can you see what I've done? It looks like a Smeg but it's a Megs it still look good but probably won't last as long and the letters will probably fall off sometime down the line.

This still life has been painted on a 24 x 18 inch stretched canvas with mixed media and acrylic paints, it has many layers and marks and I have sanded the wall paper backa bit to give it that worn look. The edges are painted light blue and it is varnished and ready to hang.


Postage is FREE in the UK but for international deliveries please click here and email me directly for costs.



What's In A Name

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