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When I lived in Brixton my flatmate and I rescued a little bare bottomed blue budgie we found sitting on the path on a Sunday afternoon on our way to the pub. For a mere £14 we bought him a beautiful green budgie to be his friend. However it turned out our rescue budgie had issues and occasionally bullied the green budgie trying to stop him from getting any food so we named them Cheap and Nasty and on the weekends we used to let them out of their cage and fly around our flat....they loved it and so did we.

This is a reminiscent painting celebrating those happy days, it has been painted with acrylics and mixed media on a W24 x H36 inch standard stretched canvas. It has been sealed with satin varnish, the edges are painted black and it is ready to hang there's no need for a frame.

I want to pass on the feeling of contentment through this artwork with it's muddy pastel pallette and hints of a balanced life full of interests and elements that bring joy.


Postage is FREE in the UK but for international deliveries please click here and email me directly for costs.

Afternoon Activities

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