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Nothing beats a good catch up with an old friend, someone who knows you so well, there's often laughter and tears and the world is put to rights (it's a lot like therapy) well that's my inspiration for this piece. Plus I've also had a crazy hankering for organic wine and marinated olives!

To make my still life paintings look lively and interesting I deliberately paint in a naive style with wonky lines and imperfect perspective, I like to build up layers of paint and marks constantly adding paint and taking it away. I've used mixed media and acrylic paints on a stretched 18 x 24 inch canvas and sealed it with satin varnish. The edges are painted dark blue and it is ready to hang.

This artwork celebrates life and good fortune, the happiness good friends brings and the joy we feel when we are sharing time with a loved one. It is also the perfect painting for the kitchen or dining room.

The postage is included.

The Best Times

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