Why not bring a bit of the countryside indoors with this fine rams head? This trophy head wall hanging has been made in the same way I make all my sculptures by using the Carton Pierre method of paper clay, it has many layers and many different ingredients have been used to create this one of a kind artwork. It is designed to hang via a hole cut into the back which is slotted over a screw in the wall, once the sculpture is finished I paint it with Bristol paints and varnish it with French polish. 

In keeping with the paper clay theme the title for the piece is cut from a magazine, I collect titles and keep them in an envelope and when I finish the piece I look through all my titles and pick one that most fits the sculpture...this one is called "Pale and Interesting".

As these sculptures are air drying time and patience is key, they have to made in stages to ensure each layer is perfectly dry so consequently it can take up to three weeks to make a sculpture. You won't find two the same of any of my sculptures as every single one has it's own personality and character making each piece an original.

Pale and Intersting measures:
H11" x W16" x D9.5"

Pale and Interesting

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