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There are a lots of dog breeds who just know their own minds and dachshunds are a fine example, both of my dachshunds just put the breaks on if they don't want to go, they will just stop and sit down and I have to try a number of different techniques to get them to makes going for a walk a long stop start affair.

This lovely sausage has been painted on an18 x 24 inch stretched canvas with acrylics and pastels, I have used marks to create textures and translucent washes to build up layers of interest then sealed it with varnish, the edges are painted white.

This painting is ready to hang and will arrive unframed.

This painting is designed for those who love dogs and understand their characters and funny little eccentricities, it is a stylish warmhearted appreciation of our furry friends.


Postage is included.


A Battle Of Wills

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