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I have entered the world of abstract still life and I'm so happy!


After spending the day painting with the wonderful artist Sally Ellis I have found a new exciting way of working by creating lots of texture and layers and using a more free approach to drawing. I want to keep the life in my still life compostitions!


This painting features my new John Lewis mug which I absolutely love, as I've got older I have become more fussy about what I drink out of, the weight, thickness and feel of a mug matters to me and I'm grateful to have the luxury of being able to choose these small things which bring me so much pleasure. I just love the colour, pattern and shape of these mugs and will be featuring them in future artworks so watch this space!


I have used crayon, acrylic paint and pencils on a stretched 18 x 24 inch canvas and sealed it with satin varnish.


I just love the calming simplicity and rustic rawness achieved by the layers and tones along with the colour scheme designed to make the clementines and candle pop.


Postage is FREE in the UK but for international deliveries please click here and email me directly for costs.

My Favourite Mug

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