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When I was a prop maker it wasn't all film glamour sometimes my colleagues and I used to joke that we were 'living the dream' as we sanded down huge fibre glass elephants or fluffed up the 75th christmas tree in a Disney store at 3 o'clock in the morning so this collage painting reminds of those days (and nights) and makes me think that perhaps I really am living the dream now.

This small artwork was created for an exhibition two years ago and was painted on an 8x8 inch wooden panel using acylic paint, pastels and collage, this one is the 4th in the collection and has the title 'Living The Dream' and number 4 which has been incorporated within the surface. It is sealed and varnished and framed in a black wooden frame.

We spend so much of our time working, often doing things we'd rather not do so this bear artwork is a celebration for anyone who has found their place in life and is doing what makes them happy.

Postage is included.


Living the Dream

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