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This laid back lurcher artwork is part of my Let Sleeping Dogs Lie collection, I want to capture the calm secure feeling I get when my dogs are comfortably chilling out in our cozy home.

I've named it Home Comforts and I've kept this oil painting loose and airy, my aim was to capture the light fluffiness of her fur and softness of her surroundings.
She has been painted on a 36 x 24 inch stretched canvas and sealed with a satin varnish and framed in a black wooden tray frame so she is ready to hang.

This is a large gentle statement piece designed to stand out in a room without shouting but by whispering and adding a gentle relaxing mood and soft pastel colours.


Postage is FREE in the UK but for international deliveries please click here and email me directly for costs.

Home Comforts

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