This cheeky little sausage is called 'Happy Yappy Bum Bum' and has been painted on a birch panel which was primed with gesso and created using Bristol Paints and water colour pencils. The paint is a water based medium used in the scenic painting industry. It has been sealed with matt glaze and will be delivered complete with the picture hooks and nylon cord so there's no need to frame it just find the right spot in your house to hang it on the wall.

Happy Yappy (for short) measures H12" x W12".

A lovely collector wrote to me recently to say that although she bought my work years ago they still make her smile and that just touched my heart. There are so many awful things that occur in this world and we are so lucky to have pets who every day give us joy and happiness and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to capture a tiny bit of that magic.

Happy Yappy Bum Bum

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