This colourful hare has been promoted! He is now the Ranger! He has been made from homemade paper clay called Carton Pierre which is paper clay with added strengthening ingredients and is designed to hang from a screw in the wall (see the back of the sculpture for the keyhole fixing). His smart ranger's hat is made from polymer clay and painted then finished qith gold leaf flakes.

He measures H19" x W10" x D7.4" I like to give all my sculptures names and this little long eared hare is called Frankie.

How Frankie was made:
Paper clay takes at least a week to dry out thoroughly but once it is dry I seal the sculpture with button polish and then get to my favourite bit.... the painting! Once I'm happy with painting a name is added and the whole piece is sealed with French Polish and for the finishing touches gloss is applied to the eyes and in this case silver plated copper whiskers are inserted, over time these tarnish and go a slightly gold colour.

Although this piece isn't incredibly heavy I do recommend that the screw affixed to the wall is supported by a rawlplug and when you put it on the wall over the screw be sure to gently pull it down a little to lock it into place.

My sculptures are unique decorations designed to add a touch of colour and interest and sometimes even humour to your decor.


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Frankie the hare