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Following along from my still life journey I couldn't resist the urge to paint a doggo so I thought it would be nice to paint my dog MeMe a small wire haired dachshund, she loves pretty much anything we are eating and cat food but is never that keen on her own food for some reason. So here she is trying to get as close as she can to my favourite kind of cake. It is also featuring one of my new John Lewis mugs of which I am in love with!


I'm loving painting like this using different marks and techniques to create layers which peek through the surface which adds interest and gives the artwork a raw painterly feel.

This is a large mixed media piece using acrylic paints, pencils and crayons on a stretched 24 x 36inch canvas. It his not framed but the edges are painted black so it doesn't need framing and is ready to hang.


This is a large fun statement painting celebrating all dogs who love a bit of cake!


Postage is FREE in the UK but for international deliveries please click here and email me directly for costs.

Carrot Cake Allure

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